Monday, April 28, 2008

Rourke's Drift

Rules : The Sword and the Flame
Scale: 25mm
Host Jim Ferich

Truly a classic battle as a few British soldiers hold off the Zulu nation. The game was played with 8 man units which helps players from cluttering up large numbers of figures in a small space. The Zulu goal was to capture or burn the hospital and capture the storage building.

The thin red line holds fast as chants of ZUUULUUU are heard in the distance

As the British set up to cover all the areas of approach. They did not know the initial entry was condensed to one area of the board.

The barriers help keep the Zulus at bay so they do not overrun the British. Any melee modifier is welcomed.

The Zulus enter and start to take casualties as only they can. The first wave hits the Brits, additional waves wait for their turn. The Zulus close fast so they can melee before taking too many casualties. Some units falter and leave before making contact.

Using 8 man units instead of 20 man units keeps the battle spread out and easy to play.

The Zulus round the corner only to be met by a devastating volley. No worries, there are thousands more in the wings.

Zulus finally close on the Brits, the stone wall has less protection than other areas. The Zulus break through the defenses after slaughtering the wounded. Zulus are also approaching the hospital with a meager defense. Most of the Brits are fending off the natives around the store room. A few defenders fire from the roof as the Zulus run over the undefended walls. The British are in disarray as they are getting hit from all sides.

Here come more Zulus pouring through looking for anything wearing red and the last stand of Bromhead....poor bloke. It looks like another rough day for the 24th.
Truly a bad day as the stores are being overrun, perhaps the Brits should get inside?

There are just too many of 'em and the defenses have fallen apart.

Knock Knock...who's there?

Hospital assault

The Zulus start to swarm the lightly defended hospital. The defenders desperately try to hold off and avoid a terrible fate. The fighting is getting into close quarters. The wounded and sick await their fate.

Store room last stand

Over by the storeroom a firing line forms to buy is too little too late.

Hospital top view...last turn

A top view of the hospital....the Zulus did well in this game.

A very popular game with the club, everyone had fun. important to note that the second wave of Zulus never came on as it was getting late. We finished the game in about 4 hours.

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