Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Star Wars : Clone Wars
Rules: Modified Star Grunt II
Figures : WOC
4 players.

The game involved the clones attacking the Seperatist Droid army who was harboring a Viceroy.

The Clones had to advance with 2 squads, 1 command squad, 1 commando squad, 6 speeder bikes and 2 Jedi. The droid army had battle droids, super battle droids, spider droids and 2 assassin droids as snipers. There was one Sith preset on the field to counter the Jedi threat. The Viceroy was hidden in a bunker complex with a personal guard.

The Clones launched rockets against the 2 vehicles, destroying the walker tank and advanced while firing. The droid missile vehicle fired and the Clones took light casualties. Battle droids and snipers began returning fire.

The Clones advanced and the first Jedi was impatient and jumped into the first battle droid squad. Several droids fell back in disarray. The clones tried to take the momentum and pushed forward. The Jedi pushed too far ahead and was soon isolated.

Suddenly the lone Sith took an aggressive stance and attacked the Jedi, pushing him back. Amid lasers and rockets the Sith pushed forward.

The Sith then rushed forward to engage the first Clone squad. Deflecting shots she jumps into the formation killing and wounding all.

She then retreated behind the wall to defend herself from the lasers and explosion. The the droids fire several squads at the wounded Jedi...he fell trying to hold off the droid onslaught.

The remaing Clone forces pushed ahead. The commandos fought to secure the shuttle pad while speeder bikes flew ahead and thinned out or suppressed the frontline droid squads.

Eventually the defenders proved too much for the attackers.

The rules are very good and depend on die shifts as combat modifiers. I am currently working on modiying them for WWII.

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