Thursday, November 22, 2012

The French Collection - My 28s

Happy Thanksgiving, and if you are reading this from another country then Happy Thursday!

I spent part of the day going through my basement storage area pulling out boxes and totes of figures.

Well, I finally started pulling things out of storage. I have been painting Russian figures from Old Glory, Perry and Warlord and it is taking a long time. I thought I should look at the French figures I painted last year because I forgot what I had completed. The infantry and cavalry are based on 50mm x 50mm masonite bases.

The completed French so far
  I have 5 units of infantry with 4 bases per unit and a 3 stand unit of Legere. I was able to find enough figures to make a 4th base. There are 4 bases of artillery and 13 stands of dragoons. I also have 30 figures of skirmishers based singly on 25mm square masonite bases. I also have 5 mounted officers based singly and one base of 2 mounted officers that can be used as a divisional commander. Lastly I have Napoleon on a large command base with 2 other figures. I plan to use them for Black Powder but they can also be used for Lasalle which makes the skirmishers important to the collection.

The infantry

A majority of the figures are Perry plastics with the balance from Old Glory. The Napoleon figure was a gift from an HMGS convention. I also have a Marshal Ney figure from another convention which is on the painting table.

Perry French dragoons
 The dragoons are also Perry plastics which have amazing quality. I did have difficulty assembling them and I am not looking forward to doing the cuirassiers, but I really liked how they turned out. When I assembled them, I had to keep making corrections. I damn near glued my fingers together and lost a few layers of the epidural on my right thumb and index finger. Lesson learned.


  1. Happy regular day to you to...

    Nice collection of Frenchies, they are bound to spread the word of liberte to all oppressive monarchs.

    1. Thanks, These are the 1812 range, by that time most countries were sying "No Thank You" to the French view of Liberte. Makes for fun gaming though.