Monday, November 21, 2011

Tomorrows War

Rules: Tomorrow's War
Host: Jerry Acord
Figures: 28mm Rackham AT 43
Location: Icehouse

We play tested the rules and wanted to use armor as well as infantry. The rules are very similar to Force on Force and easy to remember when you understand the number and type of dice you need. Repetition is key to understanding most rules and that means we need to play as often as possible. The rules are based on fire teams. Each side rolls initiative, the winner declares actions (Move & fire) and the defender then reacts by firing or moving. When all of the fire teams for both sides have moved or fired then the turn ends. LOS is center of team to center of team.
In the first turn the Communist Forces entered the board. The idea was for the Communists to exit the other side of the board as quickly as possible.

The opposing forces are the Foreign Legion of the Republican Forces. The initial defense involved a blocking force at a key cross roads. The defenders were lightly armed with little support. They had a D8 quality and had AT capability. Gaining initiative is crucial to success.

The communists are making use of any cover they can find during the advance. They have a D8 quality and basic armor (2D8). Each fire team has a SAW and an RPG giving extra D8 for firepower purposes.

Several Mechs enter the board with supporting infantry and the Republican forces seemed outmatched. The fire teams all have AT ability rolling 3D8 vs 3D10 armor...hard to kill but still a chance.

The legionnaires take heavy casualties and can't seem to get the initiative in the reaction of opposing the movement of the communists. The Reds have an impressive armored assault. Advances are made across the entire front but how long will their luck hold out.

The last few Republican forces are holding on to a small corner of the the board. It looks like the Reds are going to have an easy go of it. The defenders were swept from the crossroads; the Red armor support was too much for them. Now the Reds need to move quickly to the exit point.

A heavy battle mech looms in the background as the last of the republican forces are mopped up...but a call goes out for support. Armor was rolling 8D8 when attacking. The main gun and MGs were very effective. A distant rumble past the trees reveals a Republican heavy infantry unit with armor support to stop the Red menace.

Uh Oh...The mech emerges from the woods and erupts in flame as it receives fire from the heavy mech. The armored infantry moves from the woods and damages then destroys the Red mech. The Communist forces are flanked by elite units. Then all goes terribly wrong for the Reds. The Commie heavy tank loses optics and then a main gun. In the end it was only rolling 2D8 vs 6D10 you can guess it did not last long after.

One of the Red's mechs makes a dash for the exit...but then gets recalled from HQ. An initiative result of "1" means a Fog of War Card is read resulting in recall orders...damn the luck. This particular mech had to turn around and go back. He won't be any help toward a victory for the communists this game.

Falling from the sky Republican jump troops land behind the Red forces....and the Red force is destroyed in short order on the left flank. The Reds realize they can not advance any further and must turn back.

The game lasted about 2 1/2 hours with several pauses for rules clarifications. Once you understand the basics of how many dice you get the game moves very quickly.

I recommend these rules for anyone looking for anyone looking for a fast paced game under 4 hours of play time. The fact that the are based on Force on Force is also helpful if you want to expand a core set of club rules to include several genres.

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