Saturday, December 10, 2011

Stalingrad - Recon Patrol

 EAL - 3
Support - 1
PEF - 4
No Privation
Day 1 Recon Mission

The weekend is here and most of the club players are getting ready for the holidays. I have some free time and decided to play a quick solo game. A game of NUTS will help meet the need to play something. I have decided to play a mini campaign of 4 scenarios using NUTS and Clash of the Titans from 2 hour war games, a favorite rules set.

 A German infantry squad of 10 men is lead by Lt. Goerling  (Rep 4).  The Lt  keeps the squad spread out.  The mission is to recon the next building for Russian troops. Militia and infantry are suspected to be scrounging in the area. The German squad is a mix of Rep 3 and 4 figures and all militia are Rep 3.

The Lt promptly splits the squad into 2 groups. The possible enemy forces (PEF) move about the rubble. Finally the militia PEF settles into the building that is about to be searched by Lt Goerling.  A Sgt takes a team to the right while the Lt moves into the center. The 2 groups spot the possible enemy force through the rubble. A roll on the contact table reveals an enemy force of militia. The militia take the insight test and roll double 6's. The inexperience troops freeze in place.

 The Germans take the initiative and active fire at the untrained mob of infantry. Rifle fire is mostly inaccurate as the rubble is used extensively by the Russian workers. A shot then finds its mark and a figure is out of fight (OOF). A man down and received fire is completed for the Russians who surprisingly hold their ground. The Russians return fire (snap fire) and score a hit and a soldier of the Wehrmacht goes down (OOF). There are 2 groups of Germans so each of the Russians can only react to one group lead by the Lt or the other group lead by the Sgt. The Germans pass their man down and receive fire check and kill another Russian. The Russians roll 6's when checking the Received fire but pass the Man down, the worse result is applied.

When the firing stops two Russians and one German lie motionless in the rubble and dirt. The Russians lost two militia troops ( Rep 3) but the Germans lost a veteran soldier (Rep 4). The firefight was quick with a definitive outcome. The tactics of splitting up the squad into two groups was very effective and made the difference.

The Russians retire 12" and Hunker down. The run from the building and across the street and hide in the next building. The Germans continue to advance slowly. They decide not to fast move. Half of the squad moves up the side of the building and look around the corner. The Sgt and another soldier see an LMG team as another PEF is spotted and the contact table reveals more Russians. Both the Sgt and the private unload on the gunner scoring an OOF, the remaining 2 Russians take a receive fire check and fail  miserably so retire and hunker down with the militia. No other PEFs exist on the board.

The Russians are broken and hiding in the rubble nearby. There are no other leaders to rally them. Confusion and panic have gripped the Russian forces as the Germans advance from 2 sides.

The Lt seizes the initiative and quickly closes in on the Russians. These Russians are not fanatical troops and they surrender. The Lt has completed his mission and captured a lot of Russians. He has gone over and above the mission requirements. Then again, he has not run into any of the Russian guard units.

The squad has lost one man but accomplished the mission. A replacement has been requested so the squad can remain effective, but new recruits are hard to come by and they don't last very long.  The Lt did such a great job and the platoon's captain is being asked for more  of the same results. Another recon mission is planned for tomorrow since the squad has reached the outer edge of a factory district. Somewhere a Russian Commissar is furious and calls for a squad of Red Guards or NKVD to bolster the line. A few summary executions among the line troops will surely stiffen resistance.

The whole game took 90 minutes, because I haven't played in a while and had to read up on some of the tables. Now to find time on Sunday to play another game; I need to shop for a Christmas tree and start decorating.

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