Sunday, December 11, 2011

NUTS - Stalingrad Mission 2

Rules: NUTS 2.0
Figures: 20mm many different mfgs

Lt Goerling was called back to HQ. His squad was given orders to recon the buildings on the outskirts of the factory district. The Germans are huddled together on the left side of the board. They need to move fast across the road and enter the factory ruins. The orders are to see the enemy strength in the next building.

 Once again the Germans split into two groups. The Sgt moves up the middle and Lt Goerling enters from the flank. The single Russian figure is a PEF (possible enemy force) who is about to be spotted.

The contact table reveals a Russian squad of militia. Once again the Lt faces dug in factory workers and civilians. This tome the Russians pass their insight test. A firefight ensues with casualties ecalating on both sides.
 In an aerial view the Russians can be seen holding onto the pile of rubble in  the bottom right corner of the building. The Lt is working his way around the building at the top and is forced to duck back. The Sgt's fire team is taking casualties and he is forced to duck back. The Russian riflemen also duck back as SMGs fire away at close range.
 The Germans gain the initiative with a roll of 4 and the Russians roll a 6 for turn 3. They catch the russians from behind and active fire since the Russians can not take an insight check. The rest of the Russian squad has ducked back into a different section of the factory.
 The Russians fail to activate again and the Germans enter in hand to hand combat. The Lt leads the charge trying for glory and a medal from the little corporal himself.  The Sgt regroups and moves in again but is facing fire from the militia. More of the Sgt's section begin to fall and even the Sgt is stunned and falls back down the pile of rubble as an  LMG chatters away at  him.
 Another aerial view shows the mounting casualties. This actions is much more difficult as the militia has to be taken out in a melee. The Sgt lies stunned and is mad that he forgot to throw grenades before rushing in. A real rookie mistake.
 The Russians finally regain initiative and a PEF enters in from the top of the board. The resulting reinforcement roll reveals an armored car. The radio operator fires the MG but misses and the gunner fires at the Germans holding the pile of rubble. The Lt is completely taken by surprise. The shot falls short but the explosion manages to stun another German. The armored car's loader fails to reload (double 6's) as the car sits scanning for more targets.

Goerling has had enough and decides to recover his wounded and haul ass back across the street using the rubble as cover. The five remaining Germans drag the four wounded soldiers as the Russians again fail to activate two more turns.

 The wounded and dying are left behind but the Russians held on until help arrived.
 The armored car finally activates and turns around but the Germans are long gone. The militia wait patiently before moving out to pick up their fallen comrades.
The Germans need rest and recovery since half of  the squad was wounded. A medic would have been a great help. Although the Germans have secured the sector they occupy the appearance of an armored car was a real shock. Time to call in some help from the Pioneers or a STUG unit.  Well there are definitely Russians in the area and they have support.

The game played in about 2 hours and took 9 turns. I did not roll any 7's to generate reinforcements and the Russians failed a lot of activation rolls. The REP 3 militia are very unpredictable but that makes the game even more fun.

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  1. Nice one! I'm knocking together an Eastern Front Nuts! scenario using PSC figs and scratch-built terrain, hopefully get a game in soon ;)