Wednesday, December 14, 2011

NUTS - Stalingrad Mission 3

Rules: NUTS 2.0
Figures: 20mm many different mfgs. 

Lt Goerling has rested and received reinforcements (All REP 3) to bring his squad to full compliment. He was awarded an infantry assault badge and an Iron Cross for his actions in hand to hand combat. He has now received another Recon Mission. Since he discovered an armored car in the sector his squad was given mines to deal with the new threat. Sgt Klein has also shown bravery leading his team against the MG nest.

Support - 1

With a support level of 1 there is very little chance that Lt Goerling will receive any help. Things are going bad across the entire front as the Russians are fanatically defending the factory district. The EAL of 5 means a very real chance of Russians swarming into the battle.

 The German squad starts in the ruins and is ordered to recon north through the rubble of a housing district. The Lt is facing north and the Sgt is facing east to watch for Russian infantry thought to be advancing in their direction. Activation: German 2 Russian 6, the Lt wastes no time advancing. The Lt splits apart the squad to check out the building from opposite sides.

The next activation German 3 Russian 5.  The Lt fast moves with the MG and one of the new replacements. Sgt Klein advances quickly and looks inside from the opposite side. A reinforcement results in a vehicle, a BA10 armored car hiding in the building. The Russians have yet to move.

 The BA10 fires the bow MG and the co-axial MG resulting in an OOF for a REP 3 soldier. The cover saves the rest of the squad from being shot to pieces. Lt Goerling rolls a charge test and the "Who wants to be a Hero"  test. He passes both and places the mine on the BA10 from the rear and is not seen. Sgt Klein is forced to duck back taking the wounded man with him. They are out-gunned.

The BA10 explodes and all inside are lost. The Germans seem to be having an easy time of checking out the sector. On the next initiative both sides roll a 3 and a special event yields no surprises.

 The next activation: German 1 Russian 2, the Russian PEFs begin to close in after hearing the explosion.

 The Germans advance to the blown out windows, Sgt Klein sees a Russian infantry squad moving to his position and enters his field of fire.

 The roll for the reinforcements reveals a REP 5 leader with an SMG leading the squad.

 The Russians are placed on each side of the road and a firefight erupts.

 Sgt Klein and his fore team are forced to duck back into the rubble when another man falls. They did do some damage of their own. Lt Goerling was stunned and falls his men rush to his aid and drag him back from the accurate fire.

 One Russian is dead and another is wounded, some of the Russians who were 4 inches from the fallen duck back. The rest of the Russians hold their ground being outside the 4 inches when receiving fire.

 The Russians win the next initiative and fast move to firing positions. The Germans are still in duck back and the advance goes unchecked. Sgt Klein's section rushed forward once more and another fight ensues.

 The Germans are shot to pieces. Sgt Klein is killed and most of his section is wounded. Lt Goerling retreats with his section and has no time to recover the wounded o r the dead. The Russians got the best of the Germans.

The only survivors of a 10 man squad. The Lt did well but his squad was decimated. The Russian leader (REP 5) and his SMG were the turning point. Rolling 5s and 6s in each burst he killed everything he shot at when he received fire and when giving active fire.

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  1. Very nice terrain. Running a solo campaign is pretty good. Lots of surprise and uncertainty. Thanks for posting.