Saturday, March 24, 2012


Cold Wars was fun as always. My son and I drove up to Lancaster to attend for one day. Kyle ran his Star Wars game while Jim and I ran our Boxer rebellion game. I really didn't have much time to move about and take pictures of many games. I did manage to get off a few shots of the games close by to mine.

The Boxer Game

We had 7 players in the game that started at 9am. There was some problems with getting badges, the registration opened at 10am but our game started at 9. Jack and Kyle waited to get everyones badge since we had to set up get ready for the first game, thanks guys. We did have a problem since we had to start the game and had players who never got tickets. At about 10am a player showed up with a ticket but he was gracious and understood we were an hour into the game and had every slot full plus 1. Most of the players in our first game flew in from California and remembered me from last year's convention. I run a lot of games from 2Hour Wargames, such as NUTS, 5150, and Colonial Adventures.

The Allies advance into the Imperial Chinese

Boxers swarm about and charge into the Japanese. The Imperial rifles are in support.

The Japanese cut down the Boxers but are stalled for 2 turns.
  In both sessions the allies fell short of the goal. In the first game the allies stayed in line formation the whole way across, moving 4" at a time. They were picked off by long range artillery and rifle fire. Open order would have been a better option to move quickly and then changing to line to slug it out. In Game 2 the allies did move in open order and used the artillery well, but the Chinese players rolled better than average in most firing situations. Oh well, everyone liked the rules as none of them played it before. Colonial Adventures plays much faster than TSATF.

Star Wars
Kyle's 5150 game had a full house at his first game time but was light in the second game. He ran 2 great games and really enjoyed the experience.

Kyle explaining the rules

Clones are defending

Droids advance and try to break through.

There were some really spectacular games close by that deserved attention.

The game area being used for Red Dawn and Zombie games is inspirational. I now want to revisit my Plasticville buildings to base and repaint them. Really nicely done.

The sign of distress!

 The Herero Wars are of interest to me as well. Dr. Roy Jones put on a good game every convention. I hope to make one of these games in the near future. He uses Falcon miniatures and plays TSATF. I love Colonial Africa games.

Herero lay out.... nice stuff

German column ambush awaits

Here are a few more games in the immediate area.

Jack (facing the camera hands on table) is contemplating his next move

Some games really pack them in

Love the tiles

Holy that is a game!

Sand box.....ingenious.

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