Saturday, December 29, 2012

Stargate Playtest

Figures: 25mm Westwind and Phoenix
Rules: FUBAR
GM: Jim Carpenter

GAME 1 - Something Wicked This Way Comes
Our group has not played FUBAR before so we playtested 2 games. The first game involved 2 SG teams travelling to a distant planet previously unknown. Kyle and I each take a team. We read the one page rules and give it a try. Jim is running the opposing force and waited 5 years to get this game going.

SG1 and SG7 travelled through the gate and arrive in a brilliant flash of light. The teams descend the stairs.Oneal calls for a comms check, all seems ok. 

SGate 002
The Stargate

The teams have come to a river. The area is very quiet and no sounds of life can be heard. Oneal calls for SG7 to go right and check out the rock formation.

SGate 003

They see several figures shambling toward them. The teams prepare themselves for the unknown. The figures look odd in their movement as they steadily advance.

SGate 004
SG1 with all the characters

Rustling can be heard in the distance. The first signs of life have been found. Soon the droning of groans and growls can be heard . "Sir I think this was a bad idea.....this is a dead planet." Oneal ponders and ecides to protect the Stargate and calls "We'll hold the line here SG7, its our only way home so we must protect the perimeter!....Over!"

Each squad has a person with a pistol, SMGs, and AR and grenades. The range of the pistol is 8", the SMG is 16", the AR is 24" so you need to be close to attack.

SGate 005
Teal'c prepares a welcome....nice figure.

The teams prepare to fire from opposite sides of the ford. "Weapons are hot, prepare to fire!"


"Roger SG1...weapons hot....pick you targets"

We used zombies to get the game mechanics down. This allowed us to move squads about the field with little interference. The zombies were organized into groups and given Veteran status. Every hit was a potential casualty as we ignored suppressions for the horde. Zombies were given a save of 4+ for every hit on them as they are more difficult to bring down..

We also debated giving them the ability to move 6" without the need for activation. Hidden zombies would automatically activate when a figure moves within 6 inches.

SGate 006
Groups of dead inhabitants emerge.
 Before the horde can make it to the river the steady sound of automatic weapons fire begins the grisly talley.

The squads fire across the river and start dropping the dead as they reach the far banks. Continuous fire stacks up the bodies quickly as we gave the zombies a save of 6. This was too high as no saves were made in the initial contact. We changed the save to a 4+.

SGate 007
The crossing

As the last of the horde closed in they were dropped quickly by accurate fire. Oneill calls, "Cease fire, Cease fire.....We got them all....Lets get out of here!

This was a very quick game. The zombies did not last long and the game ended in about 45 minutes. The dead piled up in the river from the weapons fire. Allowing the 4+ save gave the dead a better survival but there was just too much fire power from the 2 squads who fired and moved back. We soon called the game due to lack of balance.

GAME 2 -The Jewel of Denial

SGate 011
Phoenix figures and a Mayan from some other company Jim can't remember because he is getting old.
 I broke out my terrain that could be used with Jim's temple. We were glad to see how well the rock formations went with the temple. The Jaffar are from Phoenix and the Goa'uld is a mystery. They have light armor allowing a save of 5+, not great but better than most.

SGate 014
The temple and the shiny rock
 The ancient temple houses a relic which is the objective of the SG teams and the DIA. Who will win the day?

SGate 022
The jewel is on the altar and needs to be captured to win.
 A view from the stargate shows the temple in the background. This will be the entry point of both SG teams. The Goa'uld and the Jaffar

SGate 023
A view from the Stargate to the temple

The SG team appears and can see the temple. It seems like a short distance but you need to activate to move, which is not a sure thing.

SGate 024
With a flash the teams arrive

SGate 025
Dramatic pose

SGate 027
The view of the battle field
 The plan is for SG7 to go right while SG1 goes left. I win the initiative and activate SG7. They go through first and look for an ambush. I consider SG7 the red shirts of the game, my canon fodder if you will. The heroes of SG1 will then move in after all the hard work is done and take the glory.

SGate 029
The Goa'uld, he is not a system lord yet, but the night is young
 Ok the plan goes awry on turn 1. SG7 appears and has to move to the right to take cover in the woods. SG1 fails to activate so they will be late to the party. SG7 advances deeper on the next activation and decides to work their way around the woods to the temple unseen.

On turn 2 SG1 arrives and must take cover quickly as a squad of Jaffar advance with their boom sticks. A firefight erupts and the Jaffar take casualties.

SGate 030
SG1 is in cover and can not be seen.

SG1 gets suppressed in the process and continues to take fire. They shake off the suppression on the following turn and fire killing more Jaffar.

SGate 031
SG1 is suppressed
 With SG1 suppressed and SG7 flanking the field another group of humans arrive. Its the DIA and they want the same objective. The DIA manage to gun down another squad of Jaffar and then negotiate the stream. The trade shots with the Goa'uld blocking the entrance and he is suppressed. SG7 takes the opportunity on a won intiative to gun down a heavy weapon outpost and dash to the temple.

SGate 032
The DIA show up and they are looking for the jewel as well.
 The sprint is a 12" move and the team is not eligable to fire. Sg7 wins the move and just beats the DIA in a foot race to the temple. With guns drawn the DIA and SG7 stare each other down. A classic standoff as Oneill and the other overpaid members of SG1 are nowhere to be seen.

SGate 033
A sprint to the stone.

SGate 035
The DIA arrive...too late?

The leader of each team faces off in a brawl to decide the fate of the mission. The DIA sens out a hulking figure to take up the challenge. SG7 sends out their babe to beat some sense into the hulking brute. The combat was won in the first roll as the SG7 chic goes for the nads and takes out the man ape from the DIA.

Nobody saw that coming. Game over.

SGate 036
Leaders face off....the Goa'uld lies there like a slug....his only defense.

The rules are fun and I will play them again with any modern/sci-fi game. The rules are free which is also great. I would use teams of 3 or 4 figures as rolling 12 dice seems like a lot in one attack. The short weapons range means you should have a terrain heavy board. Zombies are fun in these rules too but they should save on a 4+ to make it more challenging. We all had a blast and the rules are quick to learn. We did miss some details but it doesn't matter. A fun couple of games.


  1. That was quite epic and good sounding fun, always had a soft spot for Stargate.

  2. Yes, the odd Activation rules in FUBAR do produce silly reactions! - the designers I believe are attempting to remedy this!
    Good AAR - Have to get my Chapa-ai out sometime!

  3. Joe, you're a riot! The games played well, and were a lot of fun. The zombies should have a higher "survival" rate by giving them an automatic activation when the non-dead get within a certain radius. I'm looking forward to the big Stargate game in 2013 - finally! Jim C