Saturday, April 16, 2022

ATZ Campaign The Early Days

 Rules: All Things Zombie (The Old School ATZ)

Scale 28mm

Police: Rep 4

Peaceful Protesters: Rep 3

Gang: Rep 5 Leader and Rep 4 Thugs

News Team: Rep 3 - Bad Optics Special rule - Police and protesters cannot use violence while being filmed. Anyone in the camera view behind the reporter uses non-lethal melee and will push the losing figure 3 inches backward. When activated the team moves random directions. 

Inflation was running high, there was a gas and food shortage, and we were on the edge of another pandemic, the ANSD virus. People were not about to stay locked up for another virus outbreak, even with rumors of strange side effects. A crowd marched to City Hall demanding answers and to yell at someone. The police did the best they could to lock down the town, but their funding was stripped 6 months ago. Any store that was lucky enough to have merchandise was quickly served a cease and desist and was threatened to have their business license revoked (that's why they are issued to begin with, to ensure compliance). Only the big chain retailers were allowed to stay open because of the "science" of the CDC.

The mayor was trying to leave the latest City Council meeting under heavy police escort, but the protesters did not care. They approached the limo and were mostly peaceful. There were a few arrests to keep the more energetic youths in check. The mayor is not allowed to move toward the car until the police secure the perimeter. The police have riot gear and form a defensive perimeter at the entrance of the building getting ready to push through. The police chief gave instructions for no heavy-handed tactics while on camera.  

News reports stated there one person tied to a local gang tried to steal a fuel truck, no doubt to sell on the black market. The Gang's objective is to rescue the arrested gang member and steal the gas truck. 

Damn punks causing trouble. 

The Police move in, there mission is to clear 3 inches around the limo so the mayor can be extracted. The mounted patrol moves forward with the riot police press with shields up. The mob and the police restrain themselves because of the reporter nearby. The house rule is that as long as the camera is pointed toward the group neither side can use violence. Melee attacks only result in pushing the loser back. But when the camera moves away, the real melee starts. 

The police struggle to clear a path as they get outnumbered in melee. 

The News team moves randomly when activated. They hold up factions from completing their objectives. They want to make sure they get their story, even if they have to make something up. 

Each turn Zombies begin to appear at random entry points. Unfortunately for the Mayor and his entourage of "Yes Men", waves of undead appear behind City Hall and attack.  Since this is early in the outbreak no one knows what a Zombie is and their movement is ignored, they are too slow to be considered a threat. Some people are attacked from behind and are at a severe disadvantage in melee.  The reporter is of course oblivious to the danger as she tries to create another news story by agitating the opposing parties. Off camera the violence erupts, even a mounted patrol officer is pulled off his horse by peaceful protesters and he is out of the fight along with a trampled protester.   


When the camera crew turned away the mob and police used lethal force and set upon each other. The resulting casualties rise up to feed on the living. When the police and protesters saw the Zombie Feast they all scattered to get away not sure what is happening. A large segment fled the scene including the mayor's body guard. The mayor and his entourage ducked back next to City Hall. The zombies continued forward. The mayor is blaming the opposing political party for the unrest and think its a planned attack. 

As the first victim is set upon people shriek and take cover behind the limo.

Protesters and police flee the area, others paralyzed with fear retire and hunker down in disbelief of watching their comrades being torn apart. The news team fled as well to the safety of their van. They tried to film the grisly scene as people ran by screaming at the horror they witnessed.

The zombies clear the protesters quickly

The entourage runs away to leave the wheelchair bound mayor to fend for himself....

On the other side of town the gang uses the protest to mask their movement to recover their friend and steal the truck. They shoot two of the cops who promptly rise up and attack the living. The shots also attract more zombies. The gang splits in to 2 groups but as they get to the truck of gas another mob of zombies advance. 

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