Sunday, April 17, 2022

ATZ - Early Days part 2

 The police had their hands full. The small riot turned into a fight for survival as the dead swarmed the steps of City Hall. The mayor dd not get very far. The zombies activated before he did, and he was overwhelmed. The police fled when they failed their "See the Feast " roll. No amount of money or influence could save him.

The gang rescued their member and proceeded to find the keys to the tractor and tried to start the rig but failed twice. The noise attracted more zombies who were arriving every turn. They began to swarm the tractor. The gang climbed to the top just narrowly avoiding the grisly death. With the noise from 2 shot guns (one stolen from the police car) the horde grew quickly. 

In other parts of town the police lines failed to hold. Low ammo combined with fear yields poor results for the law. The new lines were reformed in the center of town. The survivors fled to any building they could get into as doorways were blocked with whatever the survivors could find. The police finally broke and ran to the church to rethink their next move. There is no doubt some of the survivors were injured and unknowingly carried the infection into the safe zones. 

The gang started the tractor and plowed through a police car blocking the road. The sedan exploded as the full tanker accelerated through the vehicle. The zombies passed the burning wreck in a futile pursuit. The gangers accomplished their mission and won't be effected by the sky high gas prices, but suddenly money was no longer a concern. 

I know the rules are for a 2 hour game, bit ours took 4 because of all the figures and factions to be moved, as well as a ton of charts to keep track of . Can't wait to try the new rules set. 

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