Monday, June 13, 2022

Early French Batch 1 from HaT


I received the Speedpaints and started on the figures. I used Highlord Blue which works great with a white undercoat. 

The White Speedpaint isn't necessary with the gray primer and white dry brush. I am using white primer on the next batch to see which method is better. 

From my count I completed:
28 Marching 
9 Command figures (Standard bearer, drummer, officers, Sapper)
14 Advancing pose figures
3 Firing figures
8 Loading Figures

The Plastic Weld does work for assembly, but takes 30 minutes to cure. The figures will come apart if moved so using PVA to hold pieces together is still required but it is less messy than Super glue which dries in a hard brittle crust. 

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