Monday, June 20, 2022

Early French Artillery and First Infantry Unit based


I am finishing painting up the last of the infantry.  I am now starting on assembling the artillery as I ase the infantry and wait for the glue to dry.


I like the packaging. The figures are sculpted very well and there is some excess flash to remove. The soft plastic cuts easy so you need to be very careful removing any excess. On figure requires assembly to add variety to each gun crew. 

There are 4 canons to assemble, and they are a little tricky. The best way for me to build them is to glue half of each liber with the center support and let them dry, then glue on the other side of the limber, followed by the axle, wheels and barrel.  I did notice these are really large guns. The wheels are almost head high to the figures. 

I painted the Infantry figures and am selecting the marching poses to build the first unit.  I mounted them on 40mm x40mm bases and have a 24-figure unit completed and two command bases done to start 2 more units. I placed another order for 2 command boxes and a box of French in overcoats.  The overcoat figures will have less detail to paint and help speed up the completion of units. I decided to leave the eagles attached to the standards, they are a small detail, so they aren't too noticeable. 

I definitely prefer the gray primer over the white. Dry brushing white over gray looks much better. The bases are 3mm thick and cost $18 for 100. 

I will hold off placing the other marching figures on bases as I want to mix those wearing the overcoats with other figures not wearing them. The Demi brigades were campaigning hard, and I wanted to give a less conforming appearance.  

I will be keeping track of total costs and will post a sheet later. This project will take a long time, I feel better about using the less expensive 1/72 figures now that inflation and gas prices are hurting my wallet and my 401K is tanking, Besides I like collecting them. 

Figure Cost

HaT 8297 French Command Box   $6.99

HaT 8296 Early French Marching $6.99

HaT 8062 French Line 1805.           $8.99

HaT 8229 French Artillery 1805.   $8.99

40mm x 40mm bases x 100           $18.50

Project cost to date.                         $61.86

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