Sunday, July 17, 2022

Early Napoleonic French Army Progress

 There are 6 infantry units, 5 skirmishers and 4 artillery batteries painted but the bases are not finished.

I have enough figures for 5 more skirmishers and another infantry unit, and I have not started on the cavalry. This is a pretty good force for the money. The force will have 6 units of 24 figures, 4 artillery and 17 figures of light cavalry. 

Figures                         $71.62

40mmx40mm Bases:   $18.50

Shipping:                     $19.95

Total Spend                  $110.07

French Army 1800-1806Qty purchasedCost
HaT 8297 French Command16.99
HaT 8296 Early French marching16.99
HaT 8062 French Line with Officer18.99
HaT 8229 French Arty 180518.99
Bases 40mm x 40mm18.5
Hobby Inc 6/20/2022
Italeri 556080 Light Cavalry115.09
HaT 8297 French Command211.78
HaT 8146 French in Greatcoats112.79

The Infantry are a mix of wearing great coats and standard uniform. This would reflect a mix of regulars and conscripts through each unit. From what I have read there were one battalion of regulars and 2 battalions of conscripts in each regiment at the start of the Italian campaign. 

The artillery looks better than I thought they would and are bigger than expected. 

Next purchase

I have found heavy cavalry (Italeri Prussian Cuirassiers Set 6007) that can be used for French Cuirrasiers and Marengo. I will look for them at Historicon. Early French Cavalry had the bicorns from what I could find in research. 

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