Wednesday, September 7, 2022

ATZ - The first week after the outbreak

Figures: 28mm Wiz Kids, EM-4, and various manufacturers Rules - ATZ (2009 version) The police have sent 2 rescue squads to search and retrieve survivors. As the police approach they aren't sure what they will find. Several zombies walk aimlessly around the town. Each squad will go to as many buildings as possible to search for survivors and scrounge for supplies. The road ahead is daunting A card (Risk and Rewards deck) would be flipped when the building was entered to determine who or what was encounteredThe options are Survivors, Zombies or nothing.
The mission is to clear as many buildings as possible to find survivors and supplies and exit off of the opposite edge.
Since shooting can attract zombies the police try to do melee, a very bad decision. They scored no successes and were quickly overrun. The 3 surviving team members leave the fallen and run into a factory. This is not a good start for the first team. From now on its all firepower.
As they enter the building they find no one but uncover a crossbow.
The second team lost no one and was able to rescue 3 survivors
The zombies were able to take out 2 members in the second turn were feasting for 4 turns. This enabled both teams to fast move and create distance.
A second zombie mob emerged near city hall. Both teams were fast moving until the end. Then tactical movement was used to prevent any surprises from random directions.
The second team (Bravo) rescued more people and won the game. These teams will be used again, including new members, to continue their escape.

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