Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Sudan Supply Run

Rules: Men Who Would Be King Scale: 1/72 Figures : HaT, Italeri We each built up forces of 36 points each. The British player must transport supplies across the board to a nearby village. British unit Leadership is 7 for all units based on poorly rolled random stats. The Dervish had most units at a Leadership of 5 based on great randomly generated stats.
The British had to escort a supply convoy from the upper left of the board to the lower right.
Since the Leadership was 7 with a +1 modifier we thought there was a good chance the Brits would move most of the time. We were wrong.
Poor activation rolls of 5 or less plagued the British through the game. Many key units were static and the Brits could not move forward. The Dervish moved across the board quickly.
The convoy was stuck in the beginning third of the board.
The Mahdi forces were able to close and cause significant casualties but there was too much rifle fire.
I would have liked the British to be more maneuverable. I can't say the British won, they became mired. I needed to give the Brits a limited number of turns to make it across. The British infantry will always win a standing fight, so giving them an objective to move the supply convoy across the board was a bit too challenging. I may need to change up the objective or make it easier to move across the board. One failed activation really hurts the British player.

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