Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The effects of ANSD Day 1

News Release:

Monday February 20, 2012 the FDA and CDC have issued a joint statement.

Threat Notice
ANSD threat in Delaware

This information is current as of today, February 20, 2012 at 18:20 EST

 ataxic neurodegenerative satiety deficiency syndrome or ANSD

What Is the Current Situation?

Beef and beef products containing a batch identification number A73216660112 are suspected to be tainted and must be recalled. The suspension of all beef sales is mandatory. All citizens are required to Contact the CDC immediately if they suspect they possess contaminated beef. Participation is mandatory without exception.Most of the contaminated beef has been accounted for but several shipments have not been accounted for and need to be located and disposed. Facilities handling the contaminated beef are being sanitized.

What Is ANSD?

ANSD - The virus has several brain-destroying components, one of which is a "prion," meaning a protein like the one that causes mad cow disease. Prions twist when they are in an acidic environment and become dangerous, says Dr Schlozman. How our own environment has changed to make prions infectious -- getting from the soil to the cows in mad cow disease, for instance -- is still a mystery.

How Can Consumers Protect Themselves?

The U.S. Department of Health, Food and Drug Administration, and Center for Disease Control has maintained a recall for Delaware residents urging citizens to avoid all beef byproducts and patties purchased in January 2012 with the batch number A73216660112. Any consumer found to be in possession of contaminated beef must avoid contact with the product. It is recommended that citizens wash their hands after handling raw beef.

Contact Information

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
1600 Clifton Rd. Atlanta, GA 30333, USA
800-CDC-INFO (800-232-4636)
New Hours of Operation:
8AM-8PM ET, Monday-Friday, Closed Holidays
The afternoon of Monday February 20, 2012 Wilmington, Delaware.....

Pimp Leon is watching from across the street. in a school parking lot. "Damn news team, now the customers will be scared away". He thinks for a time and decides to stay quiet, he doesn't want any unnecessary attention. He knows that if he doesn't make a scene the team will be on their way that much faster.

The employees at Mrs. Lovett's meat pie stand are open but sales are unusually low.  They haven't been made aware of the notice for the recalled beef and start dishing out pastries filled with beef byproducts. Belinda Lovett is preparing the meat at notices a foul smell wafting up through the air. She has no interest in disposing of any bad beef and decides to add extra spices to cover up any off taste.She can't afford to throw out any meat or she would take an even higher financial loss.

A local construction worker , a regular customer, stops and orders the usual. "How's it going guys? I hope business is better than mine, this economy sucks". He orders two meat pies and eats them quickly. "I gotta go back and finish the shift and I can't be late, my foreman is a complete.. uh, I don't fell so...a complete assho..." His eyes roll back and he falls to the ground.

One of the working girls and Lori the sound engineer run to assist the poor guy . "I think he's choking ..wow he's turning green, i though they turned blue....eeewwww gross!" The worker stops moving and lies motionless.
 Turn 1
Zombie Initiative: 3
People: 6

The corpse attacks with 3D6 and misses both women rolling a 4, 5, and 5. At this point no reaction tests are taken  as people have no idea about what's going on. Good samaritans are stepping up to help a person in distress.

As the two women try to figure out how to help the poor soul reporter Angela Smith steps back, her dress is too expensive to get dirty but she yells at her camera man, "Jimmy, hurry up and get the shot you idiot, get over there and get the shot!" Several minutes go by until the workers eyes open revealing a colorless pale stare. Everyone is relieved, they were fearing the worst for the construction worker.  and he grabs for the prostitute and then Lori. The hooker gets mad and says not until you pay first you creep!" Lori is a little shaken and jumps back and the worker rises slowly.
 Turn 2
Zombie: 4
People: 3

The attacker stands and faces the stunned cook and cashier. They can not retreat or get out of the way of what is about to happen. The zed successfully charges as it wins the initiative and gains the surprise which equates to more dice for a melee resolution.

The worker groans and hisses with rage and the bystanders back up. The cooks in the food stand look with eyes wide open and are not sure what going on. The cashier is Ricardo  and he asks, "Hey buddy are you OK? you don't look so good". The workers pale gaze fixates on the crew behind the counter.
 The zombie charges and scores 1 hit knocking Ricardo OOF. The other 2 employees are stunned for the turn due to the ferocity of the attack.

 The crawling corpse grabs Ricardo and bites his arm and  then rips open his face. Ricardo falls screaming with blood spurting about. The rest of the employees don't know what to do. Should they run or render aid? The news team offers no assistance as Angela screams, "Keep filming...keep on them!"
 Turn 3
Zombie 3
People 1
The zombie is not satisfied with only attacking the cashier and turns on the short order cook. The melee result is not even close as the zombie scores 2 hits on the hapless victim. Mrs. Lovett keeps her wits about her but will run out of the area rather than try to fight off the zombie.

The cook is cornered and is also mauled and being torn to pieces. Mrs. Lovett screams and tries to escape.
 The news crew advances a few inches to get a shot of an attack in progress since they are out of view of the carnage taking place. No reaction tables have been rolled yet.

Mrs. Lovett is able to escape and uncharacteristically jumps across the counter. The news crew moves up for a shot of the attack. If they can make it out alive this will be great footage. The cook and cashier's lifeless bodies stir and the news team tries to comprehend the chain of events unfolding before them....  

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