Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sudan Figures in 1/72

Figures: HaT, Italeri and Waterloo 1815

At Fall In back in October I purchased several kits from HaT, Italeri and Waterloo 1815. I always wanted some figures from the Sudan and I love the 20mm or 1/72 scale figures. They are inexpensive and you can play out a good size battle in a limited space.  I still need to purchase some Egyptian infantry from Waterloo 1815 and a few more dervish kits.

I used the dark tone dip and should have bought the medium tone instead. The dark tone turned most of the white color gray and I had to repaint and touch up some of the figures. I was careful not to put too much on but some figures came out too dark as you can see. Well chalk that up as a learning experience.

HaT British Sudan Line

British Highland Infantry

Naval Infantry

Norfeldt guns

Egyptian Camel Corps and the Naval brigade

Dervish units and supply mules

Dervish rifles and camelry

HaT and Italeri Dervish

Dervish Rifles

Dervish leader and body guard

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