Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Russian Command 1812

I ordered several Perry figures from The Warstore and received the shipment very quickly. Neal is great to do business with and I was surprised at the prompt service.

So far this month I painted a unit of Russian Jagers and the Russian general staff of the 1812 campaign. I finished my 9th infantry unit as well. Basically I block painted and used lighter shades to hi-lite the basic colors. Then I used Army painter dark tone for the dip process. I did not dip the figures directly but did brush it on.

 The figures in the pictures below are all Perry. I am not a professional painter and would never claim to be an expert. I really like the results and the painting time was reduced greatly. I am very happy with the result which is all that really matters.

Perry's General staff

Russian Command bases

I did order 8 guns and crews from Old Glory to build up my army. I am looking forward to painting and dipping in the future. The Rebel minis are next up on the painting table as I need a break from Napoleonics. Burning out is always a concern and I need a change.