Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Raid that Wasn't

Rules: Muskets and Tomahawks
Scale 25-28mm
Figures: Galloping Major and Conquest

This is my second game of M&T and I am now inspired to do a game using these rules. My order for some Blue Moon AWI figures was just placed. We placed the terrain and then rolled to see what game we were playing. The British are defending and the French are raiding and must set as many buildings on fire as possible. I am playing the French with Jim F while Jerry and Joe D. are playing the British. I took the 3 Indian units and a unit of Coureur des bois (Rifles) while Jim F took the French Irregulars. Jerry took the Rangers and militia while Joe D took Militia, Provincials and Indians. Each side had about 550 pts.

Set up - French enter from the top across the stream...yikes.
We set up and started quickly. The French advanced and tried to get across the stream as fast as possible, we did not stop to fire as we wanted to close quickly.  Unfortunately the militia beat us to the crossing.and began firing before we were across.

Indians dash across the stream
 The first unit of Indians closest to the militia was shot down. I thought I would sacrifice one unit to get the others across but it was not to be. The cards favored the British.
Joe D and Jerry.... nice scalps ...they will look nice hanging on a belt
 The French irregulars fared better as they advanced across the stream and made it into the woods. The British forces were holding back closer to the buildings.

French irregulars make it
 British fire erupted from the block house and fence line. a few French did fall dead into the stream.

Fire from the block house

The British await
 Meanwhile the Rangers have fun picking off a lot of native troops. I figure I just need to close in but I got repulsed and took more fire. The Native troops did not stand a chance.

Taking fire from the woods
 I did get a few figures on the flank but the British milita cards came up first. My best chance to close was now gone. The Rangers charged my Indians and I did account well but could not win as I was outnumbered. Finally my Coureur des bois had a target to shoot at and their rifles took out some of the victorious Rangers who fell back.

Indians move to flank
 Meanwhile the French irregulars slowly advanced . One unit held back by the stream while the rest did an end around move using the woods as cover.

French still moving up
 The British militia in the center moved to cover the block house as the french advanced from the stream. Shots are fired but the woods gives excellent cover and few if any casualties are taken by the irregulars.

British move to support the blockhouse
 As tfor the Indians they are wiped out. The melee and musket fire destroyed their numbers. I just couldn't get the cards to fall or the dice to help. It was a bad day for the nation.

The trail of dead....with a few Rangers mixed in.
 Meanwhile on the left, the French irregulars pour fire into the British from the woods. British casualties mount as the faint of heart fall back. The Provincials have now entered and move up to support the wavering militia.

The British right flank is in trouble.

Above view from the ever present drone
 The firing on the British right intensifies units can not reload fast enough. The French make progressand begin the push. At this point my only unit of Coureurs was moving to support in the center. They were slowed by reloading the rifles which takes 2 actions! It made a difference.

Everybody Fire!
A unit of French did make it to the block house to set it on fire, but it was too little too late. We had nothing left to follow up the success. We lost well over half the French and the British had most of their units left in good order. We called the game. In the 2 games I played the attackers were gunned down rather quickly. The lesson I learned is that you need to decide where you are going to attack and overload that side with a lot of units. A broad front attack is easily beaten; at least in the 2 games I played. We finished in under 3 hours which is good for us who were tired after working all day. I ould love to do an AWI game in the future and plan to run a game at Cold Wars 2014. I have a new project!