Friday, January 4, 2013

Army Shade Dark Tone Results

I rarely use dip when painting figures. I did buy some dark tone at the last convention I attended. I was not sure if I should have bought the medium tone or the dark tone. I did get the dark for reasons unknown. My son took advantage of the Rebel Minis sale (20% off) and bought the Kurgan and Earth Force Marines. He wants to use the dip method to speed up the painting process. Before we dip new figures I thought a test on some extra figures should be done. (Actually he just walked through the door from work with the box of figures he ordered, accompanied by a big grin). Thanks for great service Rebel minis!


The figures had the dip applied with a Q-tip with the excess removed to avoid the figure becoming too dark. I then applied dull coat from a spray can to knock the shine down. I was afraid the dark tone would be too dark but I like the result.


I was sure I would need to go over the figure again. I did not need to as long as I removed some of the excess dip. I also avoioded using darker colors. The blue on the figure on the left is a very light blue that was darkened by the dip. I painted one of the cuffs a medium blue and the result was a darker blue.


The photo of the Russian grenadier is hard to see. The medium green came out very dark and I should have removed more dip. I purposely left the excess on the figure to see what would happen. Well that's the story on dark tone. Apply with a brush or Q-tip and remove some of the excess; then hit the figure with dull coat. I am thinking of getting some Minwax Polyshade Tudor Black. I think there is a lighter shading effect.


  1. Go with the Army painter medium shade - the other thing I have been doing since I can't seem to find ultra flat black spray paint from Krylon any more is I shifted back to a medium grey krylon interior exterior spray paint for priming figures then I cover that in a black or brown vallejo wash to bring out the figure details and wash again when done and cover with the armypainter or visa versa depends on the finished product you want. Army painter works really well on horses.

    I prefer army painter over Mini wax because of the shading it brings to the figure, but I am sure Mini-Wax will do in a pinch.