Sunday, January 8, 2012

5150 Star Army Playtest - Star Wars

Rules 5150 Star Army
Figures 28mm Star Wars

I bought the 5150 Star Army Rules from 2 Hour Wargames as a Christmas Present for my son. We were very interested in the new mechanics and seeing how the game has changed. My son also plans to run a game at Cold Wars using these rules so we need to get familiar with the game.

We decided to keep the game small so he took the Sith with Seperatist Droids and I took the Jedi with clone troopers. We assigned a Rep 5 for the Sith and Jedi and a Rep 5 fire team leader with Rep 4 troops. We are also testing out how to use force powers in the game.

The objective is to secure a platform and prevent the other side from doing the same.

The Jedi with his clone troopers move first and take cover behind a small structure.

 The Sith and his droids are fast moving. The rules for fast move are different than the original 5150 rules. We move everyone 10 inches then roll to see how many additional inches they move. The interesting thing is that you must move the number of inches indicated on the dice.

 I decided to send the clones to the right and have the Jedi move straight ahead. The clones take cover by the hydroponic farm.
 The Sith move normal and close in on the landing pad. I blew my initiative roll giving the Sith the advantage reaching the platform first.

 Now we test the powers of the Jedi in the game. I roll and pass 2D6 allowing the Jedi to leap up the side and land in front of the clones. The Jedi declares a charge negating the in sight check. The clones roll slightly better during the charge and are allowed to fire at the Jedi. The first shot hits so now the Jedi gets a chance to deflect the shot. I rolled double 3's. We agreed that rolling doubles in a successful deflection will send the shot back to the firing figure. The shot hits the droid and kills him. The other 2 droids completely miss and the Jedi closes in to melee. The melee rules are slightly different but rolling a 1,2 or 3 still means a success. The result is a tie and the fight continues next round. We forgot to take the man down test for the droids but that's part of play testing. In the second round the Jedi loses as I roll poorly and the result is an Out Of Fight.

The Sith moves into melee and has a much better result than the Jedi. The melee winner is the Sith as he Out Of Fights 2 clone troopers. The day belongs to the Sith. The next play test will be a bit larger with one squad per Jedi and Sith. At Cold Wars we plan to have 6 payers, 3 Jedi and 3 Sith players. The whole game took about 45 minutes so as we add more troops and terrain we are sure to add game length as well.

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