Monday, January 30, 2012

Flames of War Games

Flames of War night for the club so each player received a 500 point force and took part in a head to head game. We had 3 games going on at once so there is no AAR for the night's activity, just some photos of a fun relaxed night. Only a few of the club actually plays FOW regularly. We have been discussing a campaign for operation Market Garden or Monte Casino so we need some hands on experience with the rules.

Rules:Flames of War
Scale 15mm

The set up - Each player picks their forces
 The 6' x 12' board was divided into 3 different games. The most experienced player was umpire to all 3 games and we took it slow  and asked a lot of questions.

Game 1

Game 2

German Panzer Grenadiers from game 3, my game and forces

The opponent in game 3 - The Indian Army

The Generation Gap - Jim Ferich (host) and my son Kyle

Jim F. attacks the town defended by Kyle.

Jim is attacking toward the town

Game 3 - Jim Carpenter has the Indian army and I have the Germans at the bottom

Americans and Germans go at it in game 1

The night went quickly and we finished all the games. I have only played FOW about 3- 4 times over a couple of years and we did learn the rules quickly. We heard that another version (version 3) will be released this year. I didn't get a chance to hop from game to game since I was playing and learning. We hope to get the campaign running soon.

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