Friday, January 13, 2012

5150 Star Wars Second Play Test

Rules 5150 SA
Figures : 28mm Star Wars 

Here is another play test of the new 5150 Star army rules. We played at the Icehouse to make sure we understand the rules and to revise the Jedi force powers. 

The object of the game is for either side to capture the houses during their patrol. This is a play test for an upcoming Cold Wars game.

The Clone troopers advance along the river bed with a Jedi leading the way

The clones blew the initiative rolling a 6, so they got off to a slow start. The Sith start fast moving to gain the advantage.
A second Clone trooper squad moves through a field with another Jedi
The fields slow movement to half the distance of a normal move. Fast moving is different  as you move 10" then roll for each figure for additional movement. This will easily disperse a squad quickly.

A squad of Separatists are following the Sith
The Sith have the same powers as the Jedi which is deflecting shots, force push We are adding force lightning and force choke for the Sith and Healing for the Jedi for now. Other powers to be added later.

The houses are the objective
We wanted to test some of the building rules in the new 5150 SA rules. Unfortunately most of the combat occurred outside.

Movement is slow going and the Clones struggle through the field at 1/2 movement
The insight checks are similar. Squads move into the open as the seen figures halt after 2" and the remaining figures move 2". As the est of the squad comes into view additional insights are taken. I thought the Clones were toast but most of them made it across unscathed.

The Jedi is spotted as he moves with the markers showing the intended movement
The Jedi moves ahead unafraid as the rest of the squad moves in support. The Jedi deflects all of the shots and finishes the move. The Clones get into a fire fight.

A Clone trooper lags as the rest of the squad makes it with only one trooper stunned
A man down, the clones pick up the wounded man who is only stunned and they duck back behind the building. Previous fast movements left one of the Clones behind, and he pays the price for being slothful.

The solitary trooper is hit and left to die
The sole Clone trooper is dropped as the rest of the squad remains in duck back.

The Jedi deflects the shot with double 4's putting the Droid leader OOF
Shooting at a Jedi can be dangerous. The laser blast hits but the Jedi rolled double 4's against his Rep. The shot hits the shooter putting him OOF. We used reaction tests for the Symons when playing out the Droids reaction tests. They seem to fit perfectly. The Clones used the Star Army tables.

 The game was called as the clones were caught in the open. We also ran out of time because we were discussing rules and abilities in between turns. This is turning out to be a promising game.

In addition to abilities we will give the Jedi and Sith Star power. These figures will represent the players so they will be able to cheat death along with other advantages.
The clones are trapped as their Jedi is wounded

The game took about two and a half hours. We took out time, researched the rules and played with different abilities. The game will easily play within 2 hours living up to the rules name sake.

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