Tuesday, January 31, 2012

UN Recue in Africa

Rules: Force on Force
Scale: 20mm
Figures: Caesar and Liberation

I received the rules about a week ago and couldn't wait to give them a try. I played them twice over the last 6 months and I had to get them. I played a test game and then my son and I played a second game.

I took the scenario from the book in which US forces rescue two contractors surrounded by Iraqi forces. I replaced the contractors with UN soldiers and put the scenario in an African setting. Here is the result.

The Table is set up per the scenario
 The African militia are set up in small units across the board. They are using the UN forces as bait and will not fire at the exposed troops. They know the US forces will be sent out to rescue the UN and think they will have the upper hand.
The African militia form up and wait
 The RPG team fails to react and the building is quickly seized. The high level will make a great over watch position. Two of the other fire team are hit by some of the hostile mob across the street but roll an OK result (double 6's).

The US form up and take the building.
 The RPG team on the roof top are neutralized as the over watch team takes up position. The US has only a few turns to reach the stranded troops and return. The firefight was not successful for the militia and their casualties increase. The African morale is a D10...must be chewing Khat before the battle.

The Africans move and keep firing in reaction
 The US fire teams start their mission and begin to move by turn 2. They have their hands full and have to clear the way for the rescue. The US is rolling about 8D8 in their action rolls against the African D6 rolls. The US is averaging about 3 hits per action as 8's and 7's can not be canceled by a D6.

The troops on the roof are on over watch and the other fire team moves out under cover
 Most of the African troops are leaderless and with a D6 quality they are slow to move or react. In this scenario they have completely random reinforcements and entry points. Being irregular forces the Africans can only react once. Regular troops can react move once and react fire multiple times.

The Leaderless mob...they could be a problem.
 The M113 is damaged and the troops wait giving no support to the US. They will fall under the dependent rules within FOF.

The UN troops are of no help according to the scenario rules
 The US forces are really dishing it out as the militia fall and some run away as I roll a "1" during morale checks.
The US fire team scores some hits.
 The maneuver element of the squad is moving and firing. The over watch did very well in dealing out some punishment. irregular troops are not pinned but are actually shaken and their morale of D10 quickly becomes a morale of D6.

The US fire team works their way forward being reacted to all the way with an over watch helping them.
 I have a mix of Caesar and Liberation miniatures which look ok together. The Liberation are a bit chunky in comparison and are needed since Caesar minis don't have the M249 minime in the kit.

They are only fast move away!
 The US forces reach the UN troops by fast moving which actually worked out well. African troops score 2 hits, a light wound and a kill!

Got'em...haul ass back to the rally point.
 The African militia get reinforcements that arrive a turn too late by the stricken M113. They did score some hits as the over watch failed a previous roll. In the next turn they are decimated as the maneuver elements remember to pop smoke.
African reinforcements appear every turn...time to call broken arrow?
 The remaining African troops lose heart and gather their wounded. The US did retrieve the UN troops but had 2 KIA and one light wounded soldier. I had to explain to my son that he could not leave the KIA behind as that would be a political victory for the militia, the news reports would be very damaging.

African militia pays the price for their resistance.
We both really enjoyed the game and rules. We played 2 games in 3 hours and had to stop several times for references to the rules. I can see my self expanding my collection so I could run a game on a 4 x 6 board. It would be fun to have a 6 player game that takes place in a large town. I need to get some Elheim figures, Dragon vehicles and some foam core for some new buildings.

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