Sunday, May 22, 2022

Battle of Cooch's Bridge update

 The Blue Moon 18mm American Militia and Prussian Dragoons arrived. I am basing all infantry figures on 3/4 inch fender washers.  I had a lot of them and since these are skirmish rules the basing doesn't matter as long as they are based individually. The Dragoons and mounted officers are getting square basing left over from previous projects. 

The militia are in firing and loading poses. There was very little flash on the figures. The order from Old Glory arrived quickly, they remain a top notch company regarding service.

The Prussian Dragoons are also easy to clean up. 

These Hessian troopers will be reporting to Captain Johann Ewald to scout for the column. 

For painting I want to try something different. A gray prime coating followed by a dry brushing of white to help bring detail for the Citadel contrast paints. I noticed dark blue has trouble showing detail at this scale and I want to avoid hi-lighting if possible. 

I have finished painting the British and Hessian infantry so this will be the last batch to paint for a test run of the rules. I am contemplating the purchase of American Dragoons. They did not fight in the battle but were present in the area to reconnoiter British movement before the battle. Some of the American troopers were captured before the battle and I would like to have them as an optional force. 

Forces should be :

3x 10 man units of Light infantry
2x10 man units of Jaegers
2x Hessian 3lb cannon and crew
1 x 10 man dragoon unit

3 x 10 man Continentals
2x 10 man Militia

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