Tuesday, May 24, 2022

HaT 1/72 French Command

 As the cost of everything is skyrocketing, I decided to look at 1/72 to build up some forces for Napoleonic gaming. The rules I am considering are Et Sans Resultat (need to buy), Black Powder (own), Volley and Bayonet (own) and possibly another set to be determined. 

I really want to play a Grand Strategy game in 10mm or 6mm (Et Sans Resultat) but I wanted to see if the 1/72 plastics have improved in quality.

I purchased 4 HaT kits  for an early French army. The first to check out was kit 8297 Napoleonic French Command. It gives you the option to add the heads to fit any period you want to game. The heads fit  on pegs that will fit in the body and the detail on the figures is better than expected. 

Cost: $6.99 for 4 command sprues

There is some flash to remove which seems a bit more difficult to clean up than metal. The detail on the straps and uniform stand out with dry brushing white on a gray undercoat. 

Once these are complete I need to decide on basing them in a way that can cross over to multiple rules, perhaps 40mm square bases or 40mm x 20mm. 

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