Monday, May 30, 2022

HaT French Infantry painting

 HaT 1/72 Early French Infantry

Now that the AWI project is finishing, I decided to start the French infantry. The gray undercoat worked well, and the dry brush really picked up the detail better than expected. Actually, I didn't expect the HaT figures to have that much detail. The belts turn backs and other details really come through but, removing flash on these figures is much more difficult than metal. The soft plastic cuts very easily and filing down parts doesn't work. It is VERY easy to remove parts of the figure with the flash. I did what I could, and I did miss some flashing which was not seen until I dry brushed. 

I did go back and trim the more obvious pieces but decided to move on. I think I can paint over some of the mold lines which were very difficult to remove. Another issue to consider is that super glue to attach the back packs and arms was extremely difficult to use for this soft material. I had to use PVA and Super glue. The PVA helps keep the item you need to attach in place.  A dab of each helped keep everything together. Superglue alone did not last as some packs I glued the day before falling off during paint. 

I used black contrast paint (Citadel Templar Black) and Citadel Cadian Flesh tone for the base flesh which will get a wash later. The dry brushing helped in the contrast effect. The contrast paint did cover well but there is no doubt the paint will rub off if the figures do not get a coat of varnish. I will use a dull coat. 

For the pack I used Snake bite leather. The paint really looks good on the figures. I did order Speed paints (Highlord Blue especially)from Miniature Market which have yet to arrive. When they do I will be able to continue. I will say that Contrast paints make painting enjoyable. I feel like I am coloring and not painting. I am moving through the figures quickly. 

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