Tuesday, May 31, 2022

HaT French Infantry update

 As I watch my 401K fall into oblivion, I am glad I went with the cheaper plastic kits. They are really looking good, but the assembly is driving me toward a therapy session. HaT did great with the kits as the quality is really improved. The rifles are painted for the test unit. I used Citadel Morningfang Brown, who the hell names these paints. The paint covered well. 

The hair was then done with Gorther Brown. I plan to wash later to darken it all in. I did add a flesh wash and will wait to see the results when it dries. 

I then painted the plumes on the Grenadiers. I am staying with red as Voltiguers were not available this early in the period. I used Citadel Flesh Tearer red contrast paint. The red is a bit darker than I like so I need to hi-light which I wanted to avoid. I hope the red can also be used for the piping and cuffs but I don't know if the paint can do it without bleeding into other parts of the figure. The Contrast paint may be too thin for trim work, 

I did use Citadel steel paint for the barrels and will use Nuln oil to give depth. If it seems like I have a lot of Citadel I do, as my son used to play 40K.  Since my order form Miniature Market did not arrive I am now working on assembling the command figures, then dry brush after a gray primer coat. It took way too long to assemble. The soft plastic was difficult to assemble and some of the pegs on the figures were a bit too long for them arm to fit, especially on the standard bearer. I have never hated a figure as much as I hate this one. 

I took off the peg on the body and glued the arm with flagpole direct on. It was so difficult I was thinking of buying on in metal. The heads also had problems staying on the body. It was an enormous pain in the ass. I have 3 more to do so maybe it will work out. 

The detail on the command kit is really good for the money. The downside is the assembly as the plastic doesn't want to hold. Superglue alone is nor sufficient. I am looking to get glue specifically made for plastics from Loctite on my next trip to Lowes. 

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