Sunday, May 22, 2022

Spray Primer and Dry Brush

 Rather than spend $16 for Citadel gray primer I went to Lowes (big box hardware) and spent $4 on Krylon Color max which is also safe for some plastics. I was pleasantly surprised at the excellent coverage on the Blue Moon miniatures. There was no clogging and the figures kept all their detail. 

All of the figures dried quickly and within an hour were ready to be dry brushed. No blobs of paint wrecked any detail. I will be using this primer from now on. 

I then tested the primer on plastic miniatures. I have a left over horse figure that would be sacrificed in case there was some negative side effect but there was none. The primer is safe to be used for the HaT figures I plan to paint. 

The figure took paint easily. The Krylon primer is a money saver for sure. 

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